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Tap Sonic (Love Ritmo Theme) New APK + songs

Tap Sonic (Love Ritmo Theme) New APK + songs

This is new TapSonic APK cracked by Wolfhack (so credit goes to him), this new APK (based on 1.0.6 btw) promises to give more songs than the other one by CzBiX (as you know, CzBiX stopped crack this game because of the developer contacted him and told him to stop doin it) and this APK is still in development, so not so many new songs added till now.
There will be a chance to add new songs from other updates, and maybe one day we can even make our songs for this game (there is still pattern problem though :/, but wolfhack is working on it, hope he can do it)

so, here it's, btw I forgot what songs have been added, or maybe there aren't any new songs in this version *seriously i forgot to compare the songs from previous and this one LOL

1. Download the APK, install it
2. Extract the song pack, and you will get .tapsonic folder, copy it to your sdcard
3. Extract the 3 additional songs to .tapsonic folder, just replace it
4. Extract root file, using the root explorer (your device must be rooted), copy it to /data/data/
&5. I'll post new songs pack, whoever want to try to edit the database of the tracks, can use my songs pack :D, but I don't guarantee it'll works :D

additional song pack, not included in database, edit by yourself if you can :D

Tutorial vid :

No sound problem fix? *thanks to Suhandy*

No further news about Tapsonic release, kindly wait for it :)

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